Experience + Training = Confidence!

Depending on their age……….to build dedication, confidence and experience AMG mentees train on Model Cars, Bicycles and Refrigerators before moving onto vehicles.

Those too young to drive are allowed to build model cars.  This usually perks their interest in building full scale cars in their future.  Dreams can develop early in life and just the small process of building model cars creates confidence and future  goals while generating focus in their lives. 

Those older but new to the program will start by completely taking apart a bicycle to strip and rebuild.  Then they are allowed to practice on larger items like old refrigerators before they begin restoring cars.  The refrigerators and vending machines are nice to practice the skills of large panel repairing and repainting.

Accomplishments lead to experience which builds confidence & self-character!

Check out our Pedal Car that competed at the 2014 The Chicago World of Wheels.


This is one of the unfinished Pedal Cars.


Check out the shop equipment!

Tools along with the proper training on how to use the tools allow individuals to identically fabricate & replicate new un-obtainable floor pans, fenders, door panels along with a variety of other metal parts needed to finish that classic vehicle.  This craftsman skill is not common anymore in most body shops.  A skilled person familiar with using these tools could create or build an entire car just from straight sheet metal.  It also allows  for customization of your HOT ROD!


Please check out the video as one of the new mentees gets his training on one of the metal forming tools.


5 thoughts on “ETC

  1. Hello!
    I saw your segment on Windy City Live. I’be always wanted to learn about cars and be able to do my own repairs. How can I participate in the program?

  2. My son is not being productive or doing anything constructive with his time, this would be a GREAT program if he is willing to check it out!

  3. Hello, hope all is well with you.
    We appreciate your efforts to make the world a better place for everybody.
    We saw info on Sylvia Perez’s program.
    We’ve got a 1954 Chevy bel-aire 2door coupe that was found in a garage.
    48,000 original miles, it was buried in a leaky garage for 38 years without moving. Engine has been restored and it runs great but the interior and body could use some lovin’. Would you consider looking at it for restoration?

    Please let us know when you have a chance.


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